2oz Eel Cobia Jig
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Made with our modified H-Style head, this jig mimics the action of an eel when jigged in the water.  Green and white paint, gold 3d eyes, olive & white bucktail, olive thread, lateral flash, 4 long black tentacles, and 2 black saddle feathers (6"-7") with your choice of Mustad 3407 saltwater hook.  This jig is hand coated with a two part jig finish that is stronger than epoxy and tied after an order is placed.

  • Size: 2oz
  • Item #: eel-COB-3407-2
  • Manufacturer: C&B Custom Jigs LLC
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: eel-COB-3407-2

2oz Eel Cobia Jig

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