Custom Cobia and Inshore Sila-Skirt™ Jigs

Choose from 26 skirts for inshore or offshore* fishing.  All of these jigs are hand-poured on order and painted to your specifications.  Inshore sizes from 1/8oz to 1oz and offshore sizes from 2oz to 4oz.

These patented easy on, easy off hub mounted lure skirts consists of silicone skirt strands that are hand placed around a retainer hub. As a result of this unique hub mounted strand design, the strands project out from the hub at a 90° angle creating a perfect umbrella shape and a pulsating action like no other skirt on the market.  Because our easy hub skirt is made from 100% silicone with no filler added, it will not fade in the sun or deteriorate and will come back to shape, time and time again.