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Ensure you have a successful day on the water with The Places to Fish & Boat Map (map provided by Take Me Fishing™). This interactive map will help you find places near you to fish and boat. You will see what fish species other anglers are catching in certain bodies of water, and what particular bait they used. See the photos of catches made near you, and filter by species to see what other anglers are catching in real time. Find other points of interest (POI) like gear & equipment, bait shops, fishing license vendors, boat ramps, marinas, charters, fly fishing shops, and fish refuges/hatcheries.

Check out the great features of The Places to Fish & Boat Map by viewing the video link below:




On September 16, 2020 in the early morning, Hurricane Sally made landfall in Gulf Shores Alabama.  C&B Custom Jigs is located in Pensacola Florida, and was in the eyewall of the Hurricane.  Currently we can still receive new orders, but, due to loss of power, internet, and spotty cell service, we are unable to complete any orders until our services are restored.  All orders will be completed in the order they were received after we open back up.  As of Friday, 9-18-2020, we currently have 25 pending orders and look to be at least 3-4 weeks out on processing any new orders.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Chuck Stecz
C&B Custom Jigs LLC

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