⅜oz Rocker Sheepshead Jigs 3pk


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unpainted blue gold orange chartreuse white candy yellow black/blue flake pink bright green yellow red black dark watermellon pearl pepper sapphire blue purple yellow chartreuse smoke ruby red root beer flake purple smoke june bug flake green pumpkin pumpkin brown new penny flame red copperhead mango magic carolina blue silver brown sand candy purple candy raspberry candy blue disco gold disco orange disco red disco green coppermine goldmine silvermine green vein crackle blue vein crackle white vein crackle super glow white super glow blue super glow yellow super glow red super glow green super glow orange

2nd Paint Color (OPTIONAL)

Choose your second color if you like. The 2nd paint color will be applied in a “splatter” pattern on the TOP of the jig unless you specify other painting instructions. Super Glow colors are for solid color heads only.

Any Specific Painting Instructions?

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⅜oz Rocker Sheepshead Jigs are made with your choice of different black nickel hooks.  This sleek style allows for easy baiting with your choice of bait.  Our Rocker Sheepshead Jigs are designed to stay balanced and sit upright creating the ideal opportunity for the perfect strike!

Each of our Rocker Sheepshead Jigs are double coated with Pro-Tec powder paint (30+ color choices!) and cured for an extremely durable, chip resistant finish.  As a result, these Sheepshead Jigs will withstand repeated abuse from structure and rocks.


Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .4 in





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