Custom 1½oz Tentacle Cobia Jig



Hook * 

SSDT 2X Strong or 9/0 & larger recommended for Cobia

Paint Color * 

Choose your first paint color. If you want a solid color head, leave second paint color choice blank.

2nd Paint Color (OPTIONAL)

Choose your second color if you like. The two colors will be combined in a “splatter” pattern with the lighter color ALWAYS applied first as the main color. Super Glow colors are for solid color heads only.

Thread Color * 

Rattle (+$1.00)(OPTIONAL)

Flash * 

A small lunker style skirt layer that adds volume to tentacle jigs

Tentacle Color * 

Choose your tentacle colors. 4 tentacles come on each bucktail or faux bucktail cobia jig. For bucktail and faux bucktail jigs, select your first color (2 tentacles) here and enter your second color choice below. If no second color choice is listed, you will get 4 tentacles of the first color. For tentacle jigs, up to 16 tentacles are included. Choose these colors below.

Additional Tentacle Color

Enter second color here. If you do not choose a second color on a bucktail or faux bucktail jig, all 4 tentacles will be one color.

Additional Tentacle Color * 

Additional Tentacle Color * 

Additional Tentacle Color * 

Additional Tentacle Color * 

Additional Tentacle Color * 

Additional Tentacle Color * 

Any Specific Instructions?

Enter any specific instructions in your design.

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▷ USA Manufacturer
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Custom Triton SS® Tentacle Cobia jig.  Choose all of your options and we will tie it to order!  These jigs will be tied with the EXACT number of tentacles you select.  Each selection above is for 2 tentacles of the chosen color.  If you only want 10 tentacles, choose only 5 colors (5 choices of the same color will result in 10 tentacles of the same color).

Additional information

Weight.11 lbs
Dimensions6 × 1.5 × .5 in


Triton SS® Head Style

Boxer, Bugeye Bomber, Bullet, Butterbean, Hammerhead, Popeye, Spire, Squid


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