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Mega Trailers were created for offshore, big gamefish, such as Tuna, Tarpon, Cobia, Grouper, and Striped Bass, but Bass fishermen absolutely love them. They are made with tough saltwater plastic that also floats. They work well on just a jig-head or spoon for offshore and can be rigged on a shakey head jig, texas rigged weedless, on the back of a chatter bait. etc., for the Bass.

Mega Trailers have the same awesome action and design of all of our Trailers. Available colors are Lemon Ice, Golden Glitter, Cotton Candy, Black Eel, Chili Pepper, and Speckle Pearl.

Length: 7″


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Lemon Ice, Speckled Pearl, Cotton Candy Pink, Black Eel, Chili Pepper, Golden Glitter


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