2oz Boxer Circle Hook Jig Head 10pk


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Hook *

Paint Color *

Please make a selection. Choose NO PAINT if you want unpainted heads. Add $2.30 for regular paint colors or $2.80 for vein and super glow colors.

unpainted $0.00 blue +$2.30 gold +$2.30 orange +$2.30 chartreuse +$2.30 white +$2.30 candy yellow +$2.30 black/blue flake +$2.30 pink +$2.30 bright green +$2.30 yellow +$2.30 red +$2.30 black +$2.30 dark watermellon +$2.30 pearl pepper +$2.30 sapphire blue +$2.30 purple +$2.30 yellow chartreuse +$2.30 smoke +$2.30 ruby red +$2.30 root beer flake +$2.30 purple smoke +$2.30 june bug flake +$2.30 green pumpkin +$2.30 pumpkin brown +$2.30 new penny +$2.30 flame red +$2.30 copperhead +$2.30 mango magic +$2.30 carolina blue +$2.30 silver +$2.30 brown +$2.30 sand +$2.30 candy purple +$2.30 candy raspberry +$2.30 candy blue +$2.30 disco gold +$2.30 disco orange +$2.30 disco red +$2.30 disco green +$2.30 coppermine +$2.30 goldmine +$2.30 silvermine +$2.30 green vein crackle +$2.80 blue vein crackle +$2.80 white vein crackle +$2.80 super glow white +$2.80 super glow blue +$2.80 super glow yellow +$2.80 super glow red +$2.80 super glow green +$2.80 super glow orange +$2.80

2nd Paint Color (OPTIONAL)

Add a second color for an additional $1.30 per 10pk. The two colors will be combined in a “splatter” pattern with the lighter color ALWAYS applied first as the main color. Super Glow and candy colors are for single color heads only. If you choose a second paint color and “NO PAINT” is chosen as first paint color, you will receive unpainted heads.

Any Specific Painting Instructions?

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2oz Boxer Circle Hook Jig Head.  Our special forward balance design allows the Boxer Jig to pull over snags. The wide head shape will not let the jig tip to the side when it rests on the bottom. This enables the lure to be used with a slider method as well as regular jigging action.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1.5 in





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