Custom Triton SS® K1 Grouper Jigs


Paint Color *

REQUIRED INPUT: Please choose NO PAINT if you want unpainted heads. Paint color is OPTIONAL. Add 50¢ for Super Glow Colors

unpainted $0.00 blue $0.00 gold $0.00 orange $0.00 chartreuse $0.00 white $0.00 candy yellow $0.00 black/blue flake $0.00 pink $0.00 bright green $0.00 yellow $0.00 red $0.00 black $0.00 dark watermellon $0.00 pearl pepper $0.00 sapphire blue $0.00 purple $0.00 yellow chartreuse $0.00 smoke $0.00 ruby red $0.00 root beer flake $0.00 purple smoke $0.00 june bug flake $0.00 green pumpkin $0.00 pumpkin brown $0.00 new penny $0.00 flame red $0.00 copperhead $0.00 mango magic $0.00 carolina blue $0.00 silver $0.00 brown $0.00 sand $0.00 candy purple $0.00 candy raspberry $0.00 disco gold $0.00 disco orange $0.00 disco red $0.00 disco green $0.00 coppermine $0.00 goldmine $0.00 silvermine $0.00 super glow white +$0.50 super glow blue +$0.50 super glow yellow +$0.50 super glow red +$0.50 super glow green +$0.50 super glow orange +$0.50

Add a second color on your jig for 25¢ more. This second color will be “splattered” on the top of the jig.

Thread Color *

red $0.00 pink $0.00 black $0.00 blue $0.00 green $0.00 white $0.00 orange $0.00 olive $0.00 chartreuse $0.00

Fishair Color *

white $0.00 orange $0.00 chartreuse $0.00 pink $0.00 yellow $0.00 red $0.00 blue $0.00 purple $0.00 black $0.00

2nd Fishair Color (OPTIONAL)

Choose a second fishair color if you like. these colors will be blended on the head unless you specify otherwise in the text box below.

Choose to have a pair of our assist hooks tied to the stationary hook

Any Specific Instructions?

Enter any specific instructions in your design.

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▷ Hand crafted to order
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Our Custom Triton SS® K1 Grouper Jigs take advantage of the low profile of our squid head.  This makes them the perfect Grouper Jig.  Handcrafted with UV enhanced powder paint and Fishair and your choice of hook, these jigs will stand up to any fish.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

8oz Intimidator hook, 10oz Intimidator hook, 12oz Intimidator hook, 12oz 10/0 2X Strong hook, 12oz 12/0 hook, 16oz Intimidator hook, 16oz 10/0 2X Strong hook, 16oz 12/0 hook


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